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Overcome Public Speaking Fear

with Self Hypnosis

Public speaking fear comes in at the top of many people’s list of fears and anxieties. In fact, it is one of the most common fears among people from all over the world. Here at Self Hypnosis Academy, we strive to help people learn how to deal with their fears and anxieties through our self hypnosis courses. While self hypnosis can help with all kinds of fears, this particular course is geared specifically towards those who experience public speaking fear.

Why Is Public Speaking Fear So Common?

Just what is it about public speaking fear that can make even the most confident person go weak in the knees or the chattiest individual completely clam up? Our bodies have a biological reaction to standing up in front of a crowd of people as opposed to talking to just a few. In those who have mastered public speaking, like actors, politicians, and teachers, the body produces just enough adrenaline to give them the energy and excitement needed to perform.

However, in most people, this flood of adrenaline can be overwhelming, resulting in a fear response rather than an excited one. In many cases, people have negative memories associated with public speaking in the past. Like forgetting what to say or feeling embarrassed. When you remember past events, your body cannot distinguish between a memory and what is happening now. So this negative memory triggers the same fear and anxiety as if it were actually occurring at this very moment. Even if you are fully prepared to give your speech or presentation, those past memories can still come back to haunt you and increase your fear of public speaking.

The Power of Self Hypnosis

This Self Hypnosis Academy course can help you work through your anxieties associated with public speaking. The course is broken down into four video lessons that explain the background of what you need to know about the fear of public speaking and how it operates in your body. Also included in the course are guided self hypnosis sessions that work to retrain your mind to have a more positive response to this stressful situation. In as little as one week, you can start seeing the benefits of self hypnosis on your brain. By the end of this course, you’ll develop newfound confidence and be ready to take on your next public speaking engagement like a pro! Enroll today to get started. Become the public speaker you always knew you could be!

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Learn more - How to Overcome Public Speaking Fear

August 6, 2016

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