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    Quit Smoking Hypnosis and Never Crave a Cigarette Again

    You may have tried all other methods – and failed – so now’s the time to try quit smoking hypnosis.

    Why? Because you don’t need to hear another round of endless statistics, finishing with crushing sentences like “smoking kills!” and “smoking causes cancer!”.

    Of course, you already know that cigarettes are bad for you. That’s why you’ve been trying so hard to quit. But there’s only so much that patches and gum can do for you – they can’t break those ingrained habits, or change your mindset overnight.

    This is where quit smoking hypnosis comes in. It taps into your subconscious to help find what triggers your cravings, and what helps or hinders your addiction – and transforms it.

    Why quit smoking hypnosis?

    Firstly, hypnosis does away with the usual stop-start pattern of withdrawal.

    It happens to everyone. Very rarely will you hear a story of someone who quits cold turkey, with no ill-effects.

    What usually happens is that you’ve managed to avoid cigarettes for a good couple of months. And then one day…like an alcoholic, all it takes is one puff, and all your hard work is worth absolutely nothing.

    Why does this happen? Because addiction is a sneaky fox. It doesn’t work on a conscious level. It never did, and never will.

    If your body and mind are addicted to a substance, no matter how strong your convictions are, the cravings will still be hiding in waiting, deep in your subconscious.

    And then it happens. You have a row with your boss or a fight with a loved one. Your stress levels rise, and…the cravings spring into action, convincing you that it’s okay to have just one more, so you can feel a little better.

    Before you know it, you’re making up more and more excuses to justify having “just one more,” and then, without realising it, you find yourself back into full-time smoking.

    It’s like you never stopped at all.

    The Psychology of Quitting Smoking

    You probably know many people who’ve quit smoking 10 or more years ago. And they still say “Every time I have a beer, I still feel like a cigarette.”

    That’s frightening if you’re considering quitting.

    It makes you think that you’ll be stuck with cravings for the rest of your life – that you’ll never be able to stop thinking about smoking or break free entirely.

    But that doesn’t have to be YOU. That person is still in the smoker’s mindset.

    And there’s a huge divide between what makes a smoker that has stopped smoking, and a complete non-smoker.

    The smoker may have quit consciously, but the desire and the cravings are still there. Even ten years later, they still struggle to resist a cigarette when offered or they still feel tempted.

    But the non-smoker?

    The thought of smoking doesn’t even cross their mind.

    Do it Right

    To stop smoking forever, you have to do the job correctly, right from the beginning.

    Sure, there is a heap of products available that claim to help you out. From lozenges to chewing gum, and patches to prescription medicines, there’s a quit smoking aid for everyone that struggles to do it by sheer willpower alone.

    Also, there are many well-meaning people ready to share their stories, tips, and tricks to help you out.

    But none of them address the power of your subconscious – the source of the cravings, of your desire to smoke.

    And only a good quit smoking program gets straight to the source of your cravings and curbs them effectively – allowing you to free your mind, and your body, from the desire to smoke.

    You won’t even want to look at a packet of cigarettes, let alone pick one up.

    Our Quit Smoking Hypnosis Course

    Our aim is to allow you to live your life freely, without being surrounded by a hazy cloud of smoke, or the pain of cravings.

    The self-hypnosis sessions will encourage you to remain calm, to quash your cravings as they rise, and learn to hate smoking.

    You won’t have to plan your day around your cigarette breaks, or duck out of important meetings or family gatherings just to get a hit of nicotine.

    No longer will you feel compelled to smoke.

    You simply won’t feel the need for it.

    The Strangest Thing You’ve Ever Heard…

    But our quit smoking hypnosis course is unique.


    Well, because we tell you to keep smoking.

    That’s right.

    You won’t find a “quit day” here. No one will tell you to “just cut down”, or to switch brands.

    You’ll quit smoking all right, but only when you no longer feel like it.

    We won’t try to scare you out of smoking. Because it simply doesn’t work.

    And research supports this.

    New studies show that scaring smokers doesn’t help them to stop. In fact, when smokers are attacked with strong, haunting, anti-smoking images, words, and campaigns, the brain’s craving centre is ignited, causing smokers to simply reach for their cigarettes.

    So we take the opposite approach: why force it when you’re not ready and risk relapsing again and again?

    With our self-hypnosis course, you’ll gradually come to the stage where you won’t feel any desire to smoke.

    Then, you won’t just be a smoker who quit smoking.

    You’ll truly be a true non-smoker.

    Quit Smoking with Self-hypnosis Today

    You can start straight away, as all the course’s materials are provided to you immediately upon purchase.

    Here’s how it works:

    • Purchase our “Quit Smoking Hypnosis Course”
    • Check your Inbox – you’ll already have received your username and password
    • Login to our Learning Management Systems
    • Watch an introduction video and then listen to our hypnotic mp3 downloads, which you can download to your computer or smart device
    • Listen to the first step at least once a day for the first few days of the first week
    • Continue listening to the steps, week by week, progressing only when you feel ready
    • But when the day comes that you no longer want to keep smoking (and it will come) – then stop!

    Take Charge of your Addiction

    Get yourself on the path to a healthier, less stressful you, and a brighter future. Quit smoking with the power of self-hypnosis.

    Enrol in our Quit Smoking Hypnosis Course. Just click the button below to order now.

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