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Can I be hypnotized

Overview of Self Hypnosis

One might wonder, “Can I be hypnotized?” Based on this youtube video the answer is resounding yes. A hypnotic trance is a “focused state.” This video “Can I Be Hypnotize” two people named Steven and Kim, who themselves seemed initially sceptical. He guided them through two exercises. The first one centred on visualisation. I had Kim and Steven close their eyes and imagine something … watch the youtube video “Can I be hypnotised” to see their response and take part in the exercise yourself.

Descent Into the Beta

The first exercise transported them into a beta state, one level below one’s conscious state – the gamma. Visualisation works because it enables people to gain a heightened sense of what they desire. Athletes and actors have come to my Hypnotherapy Clinic quite often to get hypnotised very easily because they visualise their desires, goals. They may simply wish to develop more self-confidence. One objective of going into a beta trance is to purge some of the self-defeating elements present in the gamma. “Can I be hypnotised?” We’re not there yet, but the truth is apparently becoming clearer.

Let’s Go Deeper …

Yes, let’s. Kim and Steven closed their eyes again. This time they were told to take long, deep breaths, in and out 30 times as they bobbed their heads back and forth. Little did they know, but as I talked, I was sending them into a trance state one level below the beta: the alpha. Here we’re able to tap into their subconscious as they remained more focused on my voice. Or, it should be emphasised, their subconscious minds were focused on my voice. The operative word, of course, is “focused.” The more focused they are, the deeper they have gone into a trance. And now the answer to the question “Can I be hypnotised?” seems quite apparent.

So … Can I Be Hypnotised?

Since we all have a subconscious, and since one can communicate with the subconscious apart from the conscious, or gamma, part of the mind, the answer is clearly the affirmative.

But Wait – Can I Hypnotise Myself?

Why not? Remember, hypnosis might be defined as “communication with the subconscious.” If a hypnotist can speak to your subconscious, so can you. If you have any questions about self-hypnosis, please contact us.

Can I Be Hypnotised ? - Watch the Video Now...

And find out for yourself!

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July 22, 2017

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