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George Swan [ Founder ]







Online Learning

My Sydney Hypnotherapy Australia. Known as Australia’s top hypnotherapy practice, the Self Hypnosis Academy is headed by George Swan Clinical Hypnotherapist. We developed the Academy, as an offering of over 100 instructional self-paced self-hypnosis courses, in order to help more people experience the transformative effects of hypnotherapy. Our goal is simple – we want to empower a greater number of people than we could ever possibly reach through our Sydney Australia based practice alone. Hypnotherapy is our passion; with the Academy, we can serve clients all over the world, no longer limited by geography or a full schedule.

Our Courses

As a leading Australian clinical hypnotherapy practice, we can offer the proper support and instruction that people need to truly develop the skills for effective self-hypnosis. Our courses are run by trained, highly experienced hypnotherapists, who are there to answer your questions and to make sure you are developing the techniques you need to unlock your true potential and to use hypnosis on your own.

Our Experience

Graduation Day UNSWGeorge Swan himself began changing his own life through self-hypnosis. While studying for his aerospace engineering degree, he started teaching himself about hypnotherapy and then applied the techniques to himself. The shift was pronounced and rapid – instead of struggling with the stress of a heavy course load, he was able to enjoy and immerse himself within his studies, and graduate with Honours. He credits self-hypnosis with his success in all areas of his life – not just his university accomplishments, but also in his career, health, and relationships.

With a desire to help others experience the profound impact that he had, George enrolled in Australia’s leading clinical hypnotherapy training institute, and went on to earn an Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and become a Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming. He has since then treated thousands of clients in Australia with his science-based approach to hypnotherapy, specializing in areas such as addiction help, treatment for anxiety, attract men, attract women, break bad habits,  overcoming fears and phobias, insomnia treatment, improving job skills, pain relief, quit smoking hypnosis, relationship problems, self-confidence, social anxiety, sports performance, stress management, sexual problems,  and weight loss.

Why we do what we do

Through the Self Hypnosis Academy, we hope to teach more people how much they can change their own lives through the power of the mind. Self-hypnosis is a skill that anyone can learn. Once mastered, it becomes a tool for self-transformation and self-improvement. It can be used to overcome the obstacles - the fears, phobias, relationship problems, and bad habits that all of us face at one level or another. It is time to retrain our minds to let go of all the negative habits and thought patterns, and to reveal the positive potential that lies dormant within us all.

Professional Affiliations

ASCHRegistered Professional Member of The Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists – George Swan
Registered on the Australian National Hypnotherapy Register – George Swan Clinical Hypnotherapist
Professional Member of The Association for Professional Hypnotherapists
Professional Member Australian Hypnotherapists Association – Accreditation Number: PM 1112209


Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy
Advanced Diploma Clinical Hypnosis
Advanced Diploma of Strategic Psychotherapy
Diploma of Neuro Linguistic Programming
Diploma of Coaching
Master of NLP
Practitioner of NLP
Practitioner of Time Based Therapy
Certificate of Hypnotherapy
Bachelor of Engineering Aerospace Engineering (Rocket Science)

Areas of expertise

George has a track record of successfully treating clients in the following areas:

How to Deal with Anxiety
Natural Cure for Erectile Dysfunction
Premature Ejaculation
Public Speaking
Quit Smoking

Business Awards


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